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January 2004

1 January 2004



4 January 2004


The best photographic history web site I have found anywhere in the world. Could you provide me with your mailing address so I might mail you a item? Barclay Travis Cook

Reply  -  7 January 04

[contact made by email] 
Thanks for your comments. 
Best wishes for your own experiments in some of the early photographic processes.

-    Peter Stubbs.

Update  -  22 January 03

Your picture has arrived, Barclay.  Great picture.  Many thanks.  I've added it to this page.

-    Peter Stubbs.

Print with Texture Added  -  Polly Ann, Florence, Oregon, USA  -  by Barclay Travis Cook ©

6 January 2004


Hello, What a fascinating site this is. I came to it through searching for information re Jerome Studios but have found much else of interest. Thanks. I'm still looking for info re Jerome Studios though and will email you regarding that. We have, in our family memorabilia, some photographs taken as postcards with Jerome either stamped or written on the back. Eleanor Ross

Reply  -  7 January 04

I have a few postcard portraits by Jerome, and have met several people who have had their photos taken in Jerome studios.  I believe that Jerome had studios in many towns and cities, though I only have the dates and address for their Edinburgh studio. 

The Jerome photos that I have seen have Jerome stamped on the back, but no mention of which studio the photograph was taken in.

-    Peter Stubbs.

8 January 2004


This is a great site...I am a photo history student and am really glad to see this info posted and easy to access!

9 January 2004


i am in posetion of an original william hume "the canteliver" i am told this is an early projector maybe 1880 1900 or so can you help me find out more information lorne dunn kamoops b.c. canada

10 January 2004


Hi from Pensacola, Florida. Nice site. I am trying to find info regarding a J.Lizar Glasgow glass slides projector I recently purchased. Any info or assistance would be greatly appreciated. David G. Guthrie ( Thanks.

10 January 2004


2004 where are you

13 January 2004


Re: The message in April 2003 from Patricia Lessels in Leicester about John Lessels, Edinburgh architect & Great Uncle of John Fraser Lessels, photographer. If Patricia would like to contact me on I have a large family tree to share. Thanks to Peter for this wonderful website;-) Ruth Croft.

Message for N Selby  -  18 January 04

Thanks for the email about your Underwood & Underwood pictures.  Your email address is not accepting my reply, so I'm putting it in the GuestBook (below):

"I think what you have is likely to be "stereo view cards".  i.e. a pair of pictures, taken from positions a few inches apart then mounted on card so that when they are viewed through a stereo viewer, the image appears 3D.  The result can be quite striking, and provided entertainment for families from around the 1850s to around 1900, when cine film and other entertainment arrived.

The viewer that you will need to view these cards is a fairly simple device which holds the card and has two lenses on the front, so that each eye looks at just one half of the card.  Viewers like this still turn up at second hand and antique fairs (or they do in Edinburgh, at least) - often sold for about £50 each."

-    Peter Stubbs.

25 January 2004


Thank You for a very good and interesting website, a very nice presentation. Tony Walker

28 January 2004


Having been born and brought up in Edinburgh and now living in a foreign land (England!), I found your site on the net and wish to congratulate you for a superb collection of photographs which allow me to re-live my youth. Keep up the good work. Bill Stevenson.

30 January 2004


I just happened to come across your site whilst looking for something else (as usually happens). It`s interesting and I spent some time just browsing through it. I`ve now forgotten what site I originally wanted. Will be logging onto it again in the not too distant future.

31 January 2004


were there many cars on the road after the 2nd world war ended?

Reply  -  2 February 04

-  In 1945 there were about 3 million vehicles in Britain.
   These included about 2 million cars.
   The population was about 50 million.

-  Now there are over 30 million vehicles in Britain
   The population is about 60 million.

-    Peter Stubbs.



February 2004

2 February 2004


This is a fantastic site. I have letters from Scottish ancestors and the pictures here help me visualise what the world looked like when they were alive. The brother of my great-great-grandfather's first wife is Andrew Ingram who apparently might have been the first photographer in Ayrshire. Would anyone have any information about him? He lived in Newton on Ayr but I can't find out what happened to him after 1848.

Reply  -  3 February 04

Agreed:  he seems to be the earliest photographer in Ayrshire to have been traced.  He was listed in the 1849/50 Ayr Directory as "daguerreotype artist"  (i.e. photographer) living at Newtonhead, Newton upon Ayr.  Andrew was the son of William Ingram, watchmaker.

The 1851 census lists both William and Andrew Ingram as watchmakers.   Andrew was born in Tarbolton in 1830.

-    Peter Stubbs.

2 February 2004


This is a fascinating site. I've letters from ancestors who lived in Ayrshire (and Edinburgh) and I now can visualise how everything looked when they were alive. Would anyone know of Andrew Ingram who apparently was one of the first photographers in Ayrshire? I only have news of him up to 1851. My email address is if ever.

6 February 2004


have only just discovered this fascinating site. well done, keep up the good work.

7 February 2004


Hello mates, I just wanted to tell you that you have a wonderful site there. Keep up the good work. Marsha

8 February 2004


I Donald Campbell Veale was the last person to leave the Dean when it closed to Orphans. Mr Barnes the Govenor saw me out with a couple of blankets under my arm. I went of to stay with my married sister for a short while. Have made contact with one other ex-inmate in Oz. Are there anymore out there if so give me an e mail. My e mail is as follows.

8 February 2004


What a great site. I have even seen my grandparents name on their hotel in Newhaven. Like to trace information on my uncle Donald Campbell. Former trawlerman out of Granton or Newhaven who joined the Royal Navy and as Chief Petty Officer received the highest award for bravery from the king at the palace whilst the doodlebugs were falling. What was it and for doing what? I was named after him and also my first son. My name is Donald Campbell Veale. Father killed in Leith Docks just before the war. He was strapped into a gun at the battle of Jutland aged 17.

8 February 2004


Donald Campbell comments to

Message (re. J C H Balmain)  for "thurman"  -  9 February 04

You emailed me and asked about J C H Balmain.  I have tried to email an answer to you a couple of times but my email is not being accepted, so here is the info.

James Charles Halyburton Balmain was born in Philadelphia, USA in 1853 of Scottish parents.  He died, aged 84, on 23 June 1937 in Edinburgh.  His father was George Balmain, stationer.  His mother was Anne Eleanor Balmain (née Halyburton).

-    Peter Stubbs.

10 February 2004


Hi this is stephanie gilmour i am from edinburgh but live in harrogate they have not got a clue what they are missing i love being home

10 February 2004


was eadweard muybridge a reason for the period of realism?

Reply  -  11 February 2003

Edweard Muybridge produced some large dramatic photographs of Californian landscapes in the 1860.  However, he is better known for his motion studies of animals.  He produced several hundred in a series titled Animal Locomotion.  

I would personally regard his work as encouraging the development of movie pictures, rather than being the reason for a period of realism  -  but perhaps others have different views.

-    Peter Stubbs.

11 February 2004


I just happened upon the site after view several old Post Cards from Cape Town South Africa that my grandfather left, they are as is everything that was done excellent. Most of these I do not know the dating on however the Inland Postage of 1/2d. would place these as early 1900, of course these were printed in Great Britain.

12 February 2004


This website is a great resource for all those whose ancestors lived in the Royal Mile. Thanks very much.

13 February 2004


Hiya Pete, as a native Burntisland guy I found your site very interesting. Keep up the great work. The pictures were excellent. yours Pete Rennie

16 February 2004


Hi Peter, I could never understand how people could be sat in front of a screen for hours until I came across your site. I shall be searching out any photos and send them on to you. Visited Auld Reeky for the first time in nearly 50 years last years with a big lump in my throat. Wish I had seen your site before hand. Visited Masons pie shop in Newhaven and was told that Mr Mason is still going strong in his 90s! I bought a pie. Used to a up during the war and bought a penny worth of custard slice cuttings. Must be the best tourist toon in Scotland! Well done keep it going Donald

Reply  -  17 February 2003

Hi Donald:  Thanks for your comments.  I still have a lot of Edinburgh photos to add to the web site.  If there is anything in particular that you would like to be added now, please leave a message in the GuestBook and I'll see what I can do.

-    Peter Stubbs.

Comment  -  20 February 2003

A change in hardware on the servers that host my site has unfortunately resulted in temporary loss of the site for two days (not recovered) and loss of the guest book entries (all now recovered except for 17 and 18 Feb 20004, which I will not be able to recover). 

Apologies for the inconvenience.  I hope all works well now.

-  Peter Stubbs

21 February 2004


Does anyone remember the Edinburgh Of 1984? Was Waverly Station really so empty and desolate late at night, was Leith so dangerous, were there really so many drunk people staggering around and was the Grassmarket really a tranquil haven for a few old homeless guys and a coffee shop? I'd love to see photos or read about memories from that time. I remember a charm and beauty mixed with the danger- I lived in Leith and as far as I remember, the 'docks' were known to be rough.  I lived in an old tenement block and my bedroom window faced a brick wall and a car park below.  I can't remember the name of the street.  I wonder why I feel nostalgic when clearly those times were hard for Edinburgh. Anyone any ideas? Please email Angela at Thanks!

Reply  22/02/2004

Hi Angela

Leith has certainly changed since 1984.  Many new restaurants opened around 1990.  The Scottish Office was built on land in Leith Docks in the 1990s.  Now Leith docks are being redeveloped with restaurants, health club, Ocean Terminal (shopping centre and cinemas) and lots of housing.  You would be likely to recognise some parts of Leith, but other parts have changed a lot.

- Peter Stubbs

24 February 2004


A very interesting and comprehensive collection - its a valuable record for the future . I hopoe some of the museum 'professionals' take notice, and learn! David Liddle <>

Message for James Howie  27 February 2004

Sorry.  I have no jobs available here.  This is my own personal web site.  I do all the updating myself.  I have removed you message from the GuestBook in line with my policy of keeping the site non-commercial.

I hope you are successful in finding a suitable job for yourself.

29 February 2004


Hi there I discovered your site by change and thinks it's fantastic. I have been trying to link my Grandmother's birth (Wilkie Place, Leith 1897) to her father possibly being from Duddingston. It is great to visualise things back then. Keep up the good work!



March 2004

1 March 2004


Hi Peter once again. Did you know that there is not any memorial in Leith Docks or in Granton to the many that left there during the war never to return? There must have been dozens who did not return including several of my relatives. All the best for a great site. Donald C.V.

01 March 2004


Did you know that Leith produce a gold medal in the Rome Olympics for boxing. I think his name was Tommy Emery. He refused Jack Solamons offer to go professional so he could box for Scotland on the Commonwealth Games. Lost his job in the process. How is that for dedication to Country. D.C.V.

04 March 2004


Keep up the good work. Fabulous site. Irene Sweeney Townsley (née Porteous) Edinburgh.

07 March 2004


Hi Peter its me again, I am trying to find the newspaper photo of my uncle sitting around a long table with the King on one side and Admiral of the fleet on the other with more trawler skippers. My Aunt showed this to me during the war. Something to do with wooden trawlers and magnetic mines. All the best Donald.

07 March 2004


Hi all, Just passing through. Came across you off a link on another site. Nice site. Regards Stephanie Birmingham UK

09 March 2004


This web site was really helpful to me for my school project i felt that it helped and guess what i got straight a's

12 March 2004


Excellent site! I spent 6 happy years in Edinburgh first as a student and then when I couldn't afford the council tax I moved back here to Yorkshire- I try and visit when I can and was delighted to see your pictures of Edinburgh in december, I took my 7 yr old son up there for Xmas in 2000 and he loved the big wheel and ice rink-thank you! Really interested in the Jerome studios as I collect photos of clothing/weddings from the 30s and 40s. Kate

18 March 2004


Dear Sirs and Ladies of THIS magnificient SCOTLAND! Best wishes and greetings from an austrian collector, who is admiring at the fine fine fine home page of Your Museum and Collection! Best regards:

21 March 2004


Hi, I'm looking to get in contact with a few off friends from the past. my name is Douglas Lothian (54) Went to St Mary's School (1956 -1962). Palled around with a Joe Mc Kingsley and Christopher Corrie. I lived at 45 Tollbooth Wynd with my Mother Betty, Father Hugh and Sister Maureen. If anybody out there relates to any of the above and wants to talk. Drop me a line. Douglas Lothian

Update  23/03/2004  -  Message for Douglas Lothian

Douglas:  You have not given your email address above.  The email address that you sent to me is not accepting responses.  Do you have another email address that could be used by anybody wishing to contact you?

- Peter Stubbs

22 March 2004


In reply to Eleanor Ross (January) My Grandmother was manageress of Jerome's in Edinburgh as well as others in the chain. They were at 79 Leith St.

23 March 2004


Found this site while browsing, and was fascinated by it.  I spent many years as a sales representative with Whiteholme of Dundee, selling their postcards throughout the Western Highlands and Islands, and it is great to see such a well researched and accurate history of the "Post Card".   I well remember the "Best of All series " published by JB White and of course the follow-on with Whiteholme also the well known Colourmaster Series. This site brings back fond memories. I will be a regular visitor to this site from now on Allan Collins

Reply  27/03/2004

Thanks for the comments, Allan.

1.  I have just added some postcards from the "Best of All" series by J B White that you mention above.  You will find them on this page:  "Best of All".

2.  I know of a collector and postcard dealer who has a large collection of J B White postcards, all photographs by R A Rayner.  He is attempting to discover more about this photographer.  Can anybody help?

3.  Over the next couple of months, I hope to add more postcards to the web site.  If there are any publishers or subjects that anybody would particularly like to see, please email me.

- Peter Stubbs

23 March 2004


Have a picture done by Crooke in 1890 of a run away horse pulling a cart. It shows a lady being thrown from the cart. Could anyone give us any information about this picture or how we could find out more about it. This was given to my wife from one of her relatives in Scotland. Thank you, Lloyd & Eloise Johnson

Reply  25/03/2004

The picture sounds interesting.  All the Crooke pictures that I have seen to date have been studio portraits.  If you would like to email me a copy to put onto this web site, I can do that and see if anybody can then tell you anything about it.

- Peter Stubbs

Update  04/04/2004

Thank you, Lloyd and Eloise, for emailing me a copy of the picture. I have added it to this page on the site for others to see:  William Crooke - Artist.    I hope somebody is able to tell you more about it.

- Peter Stubbs



April 2004

06 April 2004


Dear Curator, I have been trying to find an audio recording of the Newhaven Fishwives choir, especially for my Father, who is from Newhaven. Mr Peter Stubbs suggested that the Museum may be able to advise me. Thank you in anticipation, E J Walker (Wolverhampton, Midlands)

Reply  10/04/2004

Today, I forwarded your request to the people who run the Newhaven Heritage Museum and asked them to contact you by email if they know where you might be able to find an audio recording of the Newhaven Fishwives choir.  I hope you find one.

- Peter Stubbs

08 April 2004


Enjoyed browsing your website. I am an exiled Scot so it is really good to be able to visit in Scotland, especially Edinburgh although I do not come from this part. I am from Lanarkshire but my Mother was born in Edinburgh. I am trying to trace my Forsyth ancestors. There was a family of Forsyths living at 29 West Port, St. Cuthbert's, when the 1881 census ws taken. Husband,s name Andrew Forsyth and wife Ann. They had a daughter named Jane who was only 1 year old. Andrew and Ann were married in Canongate Church in 1865. I would like to know if there are any relatives out there who would know something about them, especially Jane, who may have married a minister. If anyone could supply me with any info at all, I would be most grateful. My email:

13 April 2004


Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website!!! Webmaestro :)

13 April 2004


Peter, Douglas Lothian here again. Thank you for your reply. Sorry about that email address i gave you it was out of date.  Here is an up to date address for any resposes.

Comment  15/04/2004 

The original message from Douglas was posted on 21 March 04.    - Peter Stubbs

14 April  2004


Excellent site. We have a link from our Royal High School Club in London website links page to your section on the school. I'm sure many of our 'exiles' will be enjoy viewing your photos, engravings and documents. Will RHSCL Webmaster

15 April 2004


I am a Dewar and all of my ancestors came from Scotland, I think Perth. Some moved to Canada then to America. I live in Williamsport, PA and when my grandfather died he told us we were from the White Label Scotch Dewar's. Are we related to you?

17 April 2004


hi peter mike maxwell here and iv'e just found this site and i think you've done well hope you keep going for us all so we can show others about our brill city and past times history. thanks!.

17 April 2004


hi peter mike maxwell here and iv'e just found this site and i think you've done well hope you keep going for us all so we can show others about our brill city and past times history. thanks!.

18 April 2004


Hello...Wondering if anyone out there has info on lantern slides taken of items being removed from Tut's tomb. I have some along with a few collections, some scientific drawings of insects as well. And a Lizar's projector. Need to sell them and would like to know their value. HELP!! Suzanne Noga Santa Fe, New Mexico 505 986-2008

 others in the chain. They were at 79 Leith St.



May 2004

5 May 2004


Hello Peter.  Could you please, if possible, give me some information.  I did email you but it was returned undelivered.  I was searching via. Google for Drummond-Shields and your web site was the only one listed. My father found a very old photograph on a mount in a frame behind another photograph. This was 10-15 years ago. The glass broke and the frame was disposed of. He is not sure where he got the frame and photo from, but it is the photo that was hidden which is of interest. The photo is of a Gentleman about 70 years old and at a guess from about 1900 In the bottom right of the mount embossed in small letters is Drummond-Shiels 49 Jamaica St Glasgow Does this mean anything to you. Thank you in advance for your help Chris.

Hello Chris:  I have now updated the Drummond Shiels page to include reference to the Glasgow studio at 49 Jamaica Street.  It still leaves some questions unanswered, but I hope the updated page will be of some help to you.  Here is a link to it:  Drummond Shiels

Peter Stubbs  -17 May 2004

9 May 2004


Hello again! - The GuestBook stopped receiving messages on 19 April 04. I have been trying to fix it since then. It should be working again now. - Peter Stubbs

12 May 2004



18 May 2004


Hi Peter I have been trying to get on to the section showing the Marine Hotel in Newhaven but am unable to reach it for some reason. I wish to inform the people on the Newhaven web site what I had seen and have told them of this great site of yours. Keep up the great work it means a lot to us `Missionaries` in England Donald Campbell Veale.

Hello Donald:  Thanks for your comments on the web site.  I have more photos and comments about Newhaven to add to the web site, but it will probably be a few weeks before I am able to add them.

Your comment about Marine Hotel puzzles me because I cannot recall having included  any pages on the Marine Hotel in this web site.  If you tell me the name of the page on the site that you are trying to reach, I'll investigate and try to fix any links that are not working.

Peter Stubbs  -18 May 2004

22 May 2004


These photos are very CRAP

23 May 2004


I have found family pictures taken at 32 Victoria street, Manchester. It appears to be taken sept 1, 1902. I also have from the same album pictures taken at Brown Portraits, 687 Eighth Ave, New York, NY. Could this be an extnsion from Brown, Barnes & Bell? How can I get some information on the Brown, Barnes & Bell of Manchester, England? Rosemarie Scheller USA

Hello Rosemarie:  Brown Barns & Bell, in the late nineteenth century, described themselves as The Largest Photographers in the World.  The company's aim was to produce high quality prints for the mass market at a modest cost.  The company's Head Office was in Liverpool, England. 

The backs of Brown, Barnes & Bell's cabinet prints and cartes de visite listed other studios throughout Britain.  They had studios in London (1880-1901), also Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, Barnsley, Wigan, Bradford, Manchester, Nottingham, Nottingham, Bootle, Southampton, Hull, Newport, Middlesburgh, Burnley, &c.

Brown Barns & Bell cabinet print backs also say:  Sole Proprietors to Important Patents in Gt Britain, Canada, America, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Austria, but they do not list any business addresses in any of these countries.  

I would have thought that if the company had traded in New York, it would have used a name that included Barns & Bell; so I expect that Brown Portraits, 687 Eighth Avenue was a different company.

Peter Stubbs  -  25 May 2004

Update:  I have nowadded some Brown Barnes & Bell cabinet prints and cartes de visite to this web site.  Please click here Updated pages 21-31 May 2004 to see links to the new Brown, Barnes & Bell pages

Peter Stubbs -  29 May 2004

25 May 2004


Hello Peter, I am looking for some pictures of Johnstons Hotel, 17 Waterloo Place, which was a Temperance in 1858. I am interested in this Hotel,its history and if the original building still exists (does it? changed? rebuild?), since an ancestor of mine stayed there a few days on his trip to Scotland in 1858. I want to shoot a video about his travel by the notes of his diary in this summer.(There was a second Jonston´s, 20 Waterloo Place, a Familie and Commercial, which is for my purpose of no interest). The same question I have concerning the Royal Hotel in Sterling. Maybe you or someone else out in the web is able to help me or give me some hints, where to find pictures of theese booth hotels. Thanks Alfred Grand, Germany

Hello Alfred:  17 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh still exists, though it is no longer a hotel.  I photographed it yesterday and added the photo to the Waterloo Place page this web site.  If you type Waterloo into the Google search field on the home page of this site, you should be able to find the photograph and a few comments about it.

Peter Stubbs  -  30 May 2004



June 2004


04 June 2004


Hello Peter, this is great. Thank you very much. Looking to the Calton Hill does the house be left or right side of the street? How far from Princess Street is it about? Another question, which may be helped by you or some Scotish reader of your wonderful homepage: I am looking for some pictures of transport in the years about 1858 for the video concerning the following routes: a paddle steamer, in the kind as it went from Granton to Stirling for people transport in that time, (on route, departure from Granton, arrivel at Stirling or similar) some pictures of a stage coach in the manner as it went on and off between Perth and Inverness at the same time: it was a great coach with 4 indoor-seats and 16 outdoor-seats; a very interesting item of a coach. Maybe somebody knows a source for these pictures, a special book or Scotish museum or ... Best regards Alfred Grandl (

Hello again Alfred:  Looking to Calton Hill, the building is on the left hand side of the street, about 100 meters from the East End of Princes Street, just before the bridge over Regent Road.

I have received a few emails about the transport subjects on this web site, so let's hope somebody reads your questions above and can help to provide an answer.

Peter Stubbs  -  4 June 2004

08 June 2004


Thank you. This is a great site. Ben Neuhart Los Angeles

08 June 2004


Hi Peter, it has taken me a while to find your photo of the Marine Hotel with my Grandfathers name on the front. It is in the section on transport showing the tram outside the hotel. What a find great photo I have passed this info onto the Newhaven Portal with your name All the best Donald Campbell Veale

Hello Donald:  I'm glad you found the photo on the site.  It's good that photos like this one have survived.  They give a good impression of the street scenes in earlier days.

Peter Stubbs  -  11 June 2004

09 June 2004


Interesting site and a great bonus to find an ancestor, John Patrick b 1831. He was a nephew of my great great grandmother, Catherine Patrick b 1815, Wemyss Fife. Her brother was James Patrick b 20 Dec 1805 Wemyss, married to Christian Finlay. The Patrick name has been carried down to my father's generation as a middle name. Regards Annette Donohue née Baird -

Hello Annette:  I have received a few emails asking about the Patrick family.  It would be an interesting project to research the work of John and James Patrick.  Many of their old postcards and some of their old photos have survived. 

James Patrick gave illustrated lectures to Edinburgh Photographic Society with text provided, on at least one occasion, by John Patrick's eldest child Jessie Findlay.  Reports of some of these lectures appeared in the British Journal of Photography during the 1890s. 

Peter Stubbs  -  11 June 2004

14 June 2004


Great web-site! It was fun to see a James Auld photo. I have an old photo with Charles Auld, in Ellon, on the back of it. Also, I have an 1881 census with my great, great grandfather (James Ireland) plus it has Charles Auld (52) and James Auld (19) photographer listed down the street. Jane Stubbe, USA

22 June 2004


Nice site Peter! As someone who (about a hundred years ago) paid his way through Uni by taking pictures and holding onto the idea that this was how I would end up making my living, I've always retained an interest in the 'Edinburgh scene'. Looking at the material in your site has brought back lots of very happy memories!!

22 June 2004


This is a wonderful website. I have a family photograph taken by Claude Low of 54 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh and thanks to the website I have been able to roughly date the photograph. EC, Leven, Fife

22 June 2004


Hi Peter as a photography nut {my wifes description of me} I think the site is first class . I have a question for you i have two photographs by WK Munro of 16 pitt Street Edinburgh how can i date these I also have a photograph by a Cagne of 745 Wellington Street Montreal Canada I can find no info on this photographer all three have a link to my wifes family they were left to by her Grandmother . Thanks ronnie Black Edinburgh

Hello Ronnie:  The Edinburgh & Leith trade directories list WK Munro as being at 16 Pitt Street (1875-84) and at 16 North Pitt Street (1876-1907).  These are probably both the same address.  If your photo is a carte de visite, it was probably produced before about 1900.  This suggests a date range of about 1875-1900.

Does your photo have a number in pencil on the back?   If so, this may help to narrow down the date.  I have several photos from W K Munro at 16 Pitt Street or 16 North Pitt Street.  These have numbers ranging from about 45,000 to 75,000.  I assume that these numbers were allocated chronologically over about the last quarter of the 19th century.

If your photo includes any costume, and if you are able to email a copy of the photo to me, I'll see if I can suggest a narrower range of dates.

I know nothing of the Montreal photographer.

Peter Stubbs  -  23 June 2004

25 June 2004


Thank-you for providing such a fabulous resource! As an urban geographer with historical interests, I can click around your page for hours. Well done! Ian MacLachlan Edinburgh sojourner, permanent residence in Lethbridge, Alberta

25 June 2004


hi there, i was wondering if in the process of all your research whether you had come across any information relating to the subject of spirit photography in edinburgh? thank you! ace website too. katie

Hello Katie:  A couple of lectures on spirit photography have been given to Edinburgh Photographic Society.  There may be reference to them in old editions of the British Journal of Photography.  If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, please let me know.  The lectures were:

  -  Session 1870-71:  John Nicol:      The so-called Spirit Photographers by Members of Boston PS
  -  7 March 1928:      G K Ritchie:     The Question of Spirit Photography

Peter Stubbs  -28 June 2004

25 June 2004


I am researching my family history and have a picture taken by E Debenham & Co Weymouth (?1886) and would be interested to know if this is the same photographer you are talking about and if so, maybe I can trace some more family photos. My name is: Sally Murray e mail address:

Hello Sally:  It seems likely that this was the same photographer.  I asked the same question on my web site a year or two ago.  It is answered in 'Answer 1' on this Debenham page.

However, tracking down further photos of your family by this photographer is not likely to be easy.  So far as I am aware no archives or records of his photographs have survived.

Peter Stubbs  -28 June 2004

28 June 2004


Hello, my name is James Barbour. I live in Edinburgh have done since 1967 am very pleased to find a web site to a Barbour.

30 June 2004


This, for me, is a truly wonderful website. Although my parents were both Edinburgh born and bred, I have never lived in Scotland (but often visited) and have through your site been able to find all the places my Mum has told me about. Two weeks ago my Mum told me about her father's cousin who owned the Clapperton Studios in Selkirk. I searched your site which not only brought up the information I was looking for but enabled me to get in touch with Ian Mitchell, son of grandad's cousin. He in turn has put me in touch with another family member who is also into family history and my knowledge of the family has already improved. So many thanks. In answer to your question "who was the other Thomson brother", perhaps I can help. I am in the process of writing up my family history and needed a certain photograph of my maternal grandmother taken, I am sure, before she married in 1912. This photo has sat in a frame for some years and on removing it today found that it is a postcard and printed on the back are the two names Norman Thomson and John Thomson. The front in the bottom right hand corner is embossed with Thomson Bros, 5 West Maitland Street, Edinburgh. I hope this helps. The reason I was interested in the Thomsons (apart from taking Granny's picture) is that her mother's maiden name was Thomson so I am hoping for a family connection. Many thanks once again for an excellent site.

Hello Jeanette:  Thanks for your comments about the web site.  I'm pleased that you have found it useful.  Thanks also for taking the time to send me the info on the Thomson Brothers.  I'll add it to the web site.

Peter Stubbs  -30 June 2004



July 2004

05 July 2004



Who is doing the testing?   It's not me!

Peter Stubbs  -  5 July 2004

08 July 2004


Very nice site. Keep up the good work. from Jean

09 July 2004


very enjoyable site nice to see old Edinburgh

10 July 2004


Durch Zufall bin ich hier auf dieser Seite gelandet und bin wirklich begeistert. Dabei habe ich laengst nicht alles gesehen. Aber was ich sah, gefaellt mir ausnahmslos. Ein dickes Lob an den Webmaster! Weiter so... gut gedacht, gut gemacht, weiter so!  It is a very good website ... super ...!!!      FRANKYBFC

Thanks for you comments.  I believe the text in German above translates approximately as: 
"By coincidence, I landed here on this site and am really inspired.  I did not see everything.  But what I saw pleased me without exception.  High praise to the web master!  Also well thought out and well constructed."
I have left your web site address in the message above, but have removed the text relating to your banner because it just displayed some html text and did not display any banner.

Peter Stubbs  -10 July 2004

12 July 2004


Found this site whilst browsing GREAT . RESEARCHING MY g/Grandfather John McKillop served in the 26th Foot Cameronians 1861 daughter( Margaret) born 19th July 1861 at 382 Castlehill if any one has any info would appreciate it Thanks email address

14 July 2004


Dear sir, I have in my possession a card to which is affixed a double image of"The little shepherds and their flocks" published by yourselves and sold by Underwood & Underwood. It appears to be very old and I would be interested if you have any comments to offer. Gerald Leech.  e-mail---leech

Hello Gerald: I am familiar with Underwood & Underwood stereo views and have some of these in my collection and on this web site,  though I was not the original publisher of these.  There are many sets of Underwood & Underwood stereo views, often comprising scenes from around the world.  These tend to be high quality images that retain lots of detail of the views, and look all the more impressive when viewed through a stereo viewer.  These were produced around the 1890s and early 1900s. 

I would like to find out more about this company, to help me answer questions that are placed in this GuestBook, and questions that I am asked by email.  e.g. What became of the company?  Is there a list of all the stereo cards that they published?  If anybody is aware of any literature that can help me to answer these questions, can you please email me.  Thank you. 

Unfortunately, I know nothing of the views that you mention:  "The Little Shepherds and their Flocks".

  - Peter Stubbs  -14 July 2004

15 July 2004


My Grandfather was, I believe, a member of the EPS, probably around 1900. His name was Edward Illingworth. I would like to know if you have any record of him. I know he was producing Autochromes in the early 1900's. Prof. R. Irvine. e-mail

Hello Prof. Irvine:  There was a Member of EPS named E A Illingworth in the early 1900s.
-  He gave an Exhibition Lecture titled 'A Trip to the West Indies' during the EPS International Exhibition on 6 March 1908.
-  He gave a lecture titled 'Masking and Binding' to the EPS Lantern Section on 10 January 1912.
-  He gave a lecture titled 'Contact Prints' to the EPS Lantern Section on 28 October 1914.
-  He was a Member of the EPS Survey Group that made a photographic record of some of Edinburgh's architecture.
-  He was joint-winner of the Medal for Survey Photographs of Edinburgh in the EPS Members' Exhibition in 1912.  His entry was titled 'A set of Greyfriars'.  These would be small photographs.  Copies may still be held by the Edinburgh Room at Edinburgh Central Library.

Peter Stubbs  -15 July 2004

18 July 2004


Hi, nice place. I want to know if the hongkongbank at waterloo place is there? Can you send me a picture?

Hello:  I think that the address you are looking for is 6 Waterloo Place, London (not Waterloo Place, Edinburgh).  This was originally headquarters of the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank and is now a hotel, Sofitel St James.

Peter Stubbs  -20 July 2004

21 July 2004


My wife and I along with our daughter, and two granddaughters, recently visited Edinburgh (from Aberdeen). I explored some of Edinburgh's many closes and found them so interesting, so I was very glad to find your webpage showing and describing the many closes. Your whole web site is excellent and so informative. Keep up the good work. Moe and Moira, Ottawa, On., Canada

Hello Moe and Moira: Thanks for your comments.  I have now photographed about another 20 of Edinburgh's closes.  I plan to add these photos to the web site, but it will take me a little while to do so.

Peter Stubbs  - 21 July 2004

24 July 2004


What a great site, my husbands side are all from Edinburgh and he would love to obtain a photograph of Dundee St Edinburgh circa 1900's his grandmother lived at 146 where the brewery now stands. Pauline Poustie. Cleveland.

24 July 2004


Absolutely beautiful photographs. I feel like I've attended the Edinburgh Festival! Ramona Christmas

28 July 2004

14:18 I have learned from an elderly relative that someone in my family was the governor of Edinburgh Prison. This would have been in 1930s I think. Has anyone a record of names of governors around this period. He is said to have lived in a big house 'on the other side of the park' which I understand was nearby. Sorry about the sketchy information. My mother came from Portobello and my grandparents lived there and at Eyemouth and Musselburgh. The names involved may have been Brack or Pennycook but if a female family member married the prison governor I won't know the name. Any information would be gratefully received.

Hello Carol:  The Governor of Edinburgh Jail lived in the Governor's House.  I think that the house that you mention will be the Governor's House for Calton Jail.  It was an impressive building decorated with towers and battlements.  Its address was 30 Waterloo Place. It stood on high ground immediately to the north-east of Waverley Station, looking down on some of the station platforms, and was sometimes mistaken for Edinburgh Castle by visitors to Edinburgh!  Holyrood Park was on the other side of the valley.

The New Edinburgh Almanac was published annually until 1932.  Each year, it gave the name of The Governor of Edinburgh Jail.  The Governor of Edinburgh Jail at Calton was Major P H Monro from 1920 (or earlier) until around 1928.  At about that time the Jail and its Governor moved from Calton to Saughton.  Major P H Munro was followed as Governor by Brigadier-General R M Dudgeon who held the post until about 1931.

Peter Stubbs  - 30 July 2004

30 July 2004


Came across this site by accident. I was working out of Edinburgh in 1955 as a photographer on the Scottish edition of Picture Post. Interesting to see so many other Murrays had preceded me! John S Murray (now in Holmfirth, Yorkshire)

Hello John:  Thank you for sending me the picture of Edinburgh in the mid-1950s.  I like it and feel that it captures the period well, as do many of the Picture Post photos.

Peter Stubbs  - 1 August 2004

31 July 2004


`Hi there` I loved some of your work mine is the story of Robin Hood and his sarcastic teddy bear wink plus advertising work publishing Si-fi and portraits so if your interested have a look and maybe we can get together Melvin

Hello Melvin:  Thank for the message, and best wishes for the future of your business..  I have had a look at your web site, which I believe you built yourself. Well done!  Your site has a good range of art styles, and you seem to be building up an impressive list of customers.

Peter Stubbs  - 1 August 2004



August 2004

01 August 2004


Cool website, nice photos. Thanks for sharing them. Denis

01 August 2004


Hi Peter I have found information showing Granton as the birth place of my grandfather John Mackenzie but can find nothing Do you have pictures of Granton around 1867 Elizabeth Pearse Fergus, Ont Canada

01 August 2004


Hi Peter Just sent an email about Granton. I have just found your pictures, sorry for being so slow on checking. On all censes my grandfather lists his birth place as Granton, but on a visit to Scotland in 1994 & going to Registry House there is nothing listed for him. Is there another place in Edinburgh that I can check for his birth. This is the information he has put in census & marriage certificate.  His name was John Mackenzie, born Granton 1867 to Sarah Stewart & John Mackenzie Elizabeth Fergus Ont Canada

Hello Elizabeth:   Is it possible that John Mackenzie was born in Granton-on-Spey (Scotland, rather than Granton, Edinburgh Scotland)?  I'll have a look next week and see if I can find anything to help with your search.

Peter Stubbs  - 1 August 2004


On Jan 11, 2010,Elizabeth sent the following message to the guestbook:

I would like to make an update to my message sent in 2004 re John Mackenzie / McKenzie born 1867 Granton MidlothianI have since found his parents to be John & Sarah Mackenzie / McKenzie maiden name Cairns not Stewart. Looking for info on John born 1849 Edinburgh living at 61 & 63 West Port Edinburgh on 1871 census

01 August 2004



04 August 2004


May i say what a delight your site is? having lived in HK as a child, and been Edinburgh born myself, it was wonderful to see Scotland and Hong Kong through your eyes. Have "borrowed" one of your roadsign pics to help with the imagery on my own site - ^Quest^ through which I hope to assist people seeking a Path into their inner being, and FREEDOM. Your sign graphically illustrates my point that <confusing signs lead to disaster> thank you

04 August 2004


Hi Peter Stumbled on this site by accident but was drawn to it by the statement that daughter Margaret was born at 382 Castlehill in 1861 and that her father saw service with the 26th Foot Cameronians these are exactly the comments I made in my search for my G/Grandfather John McKillop married to Eliza Burn in Dublin in 1860 I am still following this matter up and awaiting a copy of their mariege certificate I am more than interested now that my grandaughter lives in Edinburgh , I am curious to know how the facts that were mentioned came on to your web site not that I mind but am just curious. Do you have any photos of 382 Castlehill or the 26th foot in service in Edinburgh Thanks again for inadvertently catching my eye with this information My email address is home town Burnley Lancs

Hello Walter:   I think that the reference to John McKillop at 382 Castlehill comes from the entry that you left in the GuestBook on 12 July.  I'll see if I can take a photograph of 382 Castlehill to add to the web site soon.  I don't have any photos of the 26th Foot Cameronians in Edinburgh.  -  Peter Stubbs  - 4 August 2004

Update:   382 Castlehill appears to have been part of Cannonball House, the last building on the left hand side of the Royal Mile before entering Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.  I have photographed the building and included the photo in a new Cannonball House page to this web site.

Peter Stubbs  - 9 August 2004

06 August 2004


I'm trying to trace my ancestors who once lived at 267 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, in the late 1800's. Would appreciate any info on this address, such as what type of property exists at that address today, etc, etc. Cathy Sinclair Edmonton, Canada Email:

Hello Cathy:   I have had a look at 267 Leith Walk, and taken a photograph of it which I hope to add to the web site this week.  It is part of a block of  stone-built apartments, 4 storeys high, built in 1895.  No 267 is on the corner of the street.  There is a public house 'Victoria Bar' on the ground floor. 

Peter Stubbs  - 8 August 2004

Update:   I have now added the photograph to the site.  Please click below to view it:

Victoria Bar  -  265 Leith Walk ©

Peter Stubbs  - 13 August 2004

08 August 2004


Hi Peter.  I think this is a wonderful web page as you have so many photos to look at and interesting subjects. Keep it up. Russell Auty,  Wing, Bucks, England.

09 August 2004


Hello I have looking for #9 Livingstone Place. I do not have a street for this address. Can you tell me where to look. A Mr&Mrs Joesph Forbes Clarke lived at this address in Sept,1899. What have seen of your site it is very interesting. I have enjoy the map section. Thank-you Gail Canada

Hello Gail:   Livingstone Place is just to the south of the Meadows, close to the Old Town of Edinburgh.  The best map to find it on is probably this Newington Section of the 1932 bus and tram map.  Click on this link, to find the map then look for the Meadows, a large area of grass towards the bottom left of the map.

Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department  -  Map of Tram and Bus Routes  -  1932  -  Newington ©

If you cross the Meadows on the footpath that passes between the 'O' and 'W' of MEADOWS, heading approximately SSE  then keep going, crossing over the bus and tram routes, the short section of road heading south straight ahead of you is Livingston Place.  The first building is No.1 and the last, at the southern end of the street, is No.23.

Peter Stubbs  - 9 August 2004

9 August 2004


Thanks for the access to photos of Leith. I am trying to trace info about Leith to include in my family-tree records. My mother was born in Leith in August 1904. Douglas Newsam - BARBADOS

11 August2004


this site is a very nice site,i dey hereoooooooooooooooooooooooo my brothers and this is my email

14 August 2004



16 August 2004


Doing a project for school, very helpful, learnt a bit more about Fox Talbot

24 August 2004


You've made a wonderful site here and put in what can only be described as a tremendous amount of work. Thank you for your efforts; thank you for allowing everyone to enjoy the results! FEU North Carolina USA

25 August 2004


This site is absolutely fantastic. All of my father's ancestors are from Edinburgh/Leith and I am thrilled to see some things as they probably saw them. Thanks for doing such a fine job. Regards David Spalding Adelaide Australia

26 August2004


Great site pertaining to a great city and country. Extemely fond memories of my time there at Kirknewton with the USAF 1956-1959. Dale Franklin, Prescott, AZ

26 August 2004


Great site Peter. I was stationed at Kirknewton from '60-'62 and it is super to have a place that brings back so many wonderful memories of the people and city of Edinburgh. Loved every minute there. RWW, North Carolina, USA

27 August 2004


Peter im an old fan with memorys of edinburgh was stationed at kirknewton 1957=1960 wonderful town hope to return . Gerry Decatur Troy New Hampshire USA

Hello:  With all these messages coming in from people who were stationed at Kirknewton, I'll have to take an up to date photo of Kirknewton and add it to the web site.

Peter Stubbs  -27 August 2004

27 August 2004


i was wondering if you would put up a page that is for people writeing reports and the best info to use:) my name is Mia and i would like you to reply this comment and send it to if you can ^_^ thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mia^_^

28 August 2004


Fasincating and interesting website - I'm sure it'll give my wife and I hours of pleasure. I'm a Yank, was stationed at RAF Kirknewton (60-63) and married a wonderful Scottish girl (Evelyn Cooke of Little France). We plan to use this website and its references as a starting point to research our family history. My grandparents were born and raised on the west coast of Scotland; hopefully, I'll be able to research Clan MacFarlane and learn more of my heritage. Thanks for a highly informative site. Chuck MacFarlane, Rusk, Texas.

29 August 2004


Great Web site. John and Anne Orange Park,Fl


September 2004

04 September 2004


hiya i am also a gilbertson i was just looking 4 some info for a family tree xxx

Hello:  The only family info that I have on Gilbertson is the 1881 census entry for the Edinburgh photographer, Thomas Gilbertson, born in Musselburgh.  Please see this page:  Thomas Gilbertson

 If you or anybody else can tell me anything more about this photographer or his family, I would be happy to add it to the site.

Peter Stubbs  - 4 September 2004

10 September 2004


lovley site thanks mumumumuumumumummu just right here

14 September  2004


thanks for your web it is realy great and it is clearly that you love your work thanks again... hamed

16 September 2004


I have in my possesion a post card the wrench series with a picture of a sailing ship man of war, it has a number 10503 printed in the left bottom corner and the stamp area states inland 1/2d, foriegn 1d. Is this post card worth anything to a collector. Your help would be most appreciated. My email address is: Regards Tony Woodcock.

Hello Tony:  A postcard dealer here in Edinburgh says that he recognises the card.  It was published around 1910, but he considers its value to be only about £1.

Peter Stubbs  -18 September 2004

21 September 2004


Greetings my name is john lennie and i live in southport, lancashire england. my e-mail address is

22 September 2004




Message for Janet McNamara:  -  Grassmarket, Corn Exchange

You sent me an email yesterday asking for a picture of the Corn Exchange in the Grassmarket, now demolished.  I have added the picture, but not been able to get through to your email address to tell you.  You will find the picture here:

Peter Stubbs  - 26 September 2004

28 September 2004


hello I am doing research on an engraver by the name of CW Sharpe R.A I have aquired two beautiful engravings dating back to 1850 They are a pair entitled 'The Smile " and The Frown any information you could giveme would be greatly appreciated Thank you Lisa



October 2004

02 October 2004


I have goosebumps reading about my GreatGrandfather, this is the first time I have found such extensive information on the family. I had all the birthdates of family etc. but not the background of his work. My Dad, William Doig Kyles is the eldest son of Albert who was also a photographer and artist, Ian also an artist by trade is the youngest son of Albert and still living in Montreal, the middle brother, Alex, passed away about 4 years ago. Albert's brother, William Oliver also lived in Montreal, Quebec until his death. Dad is with my Mom in Kingston, Ontario and a very healthy 85 years young. I'm their only child, Nancy Jean (Kyles) Moisan also of Ontario. Both Alex and Ian have two children each with families. I would like to go back further in hostory and have not been able to get past my GreatGrandFather, is there any information referring to earlier Kyles'. My cousin Alison has also been trying but without luck. Hope someone can help and I thank you profusely for your website. Nancy

Hello Nancy:  I hope you are able to get back further with Kyles family history.  I have some photos taken by William Kyles, some by 'Kyles & Law' and some by 'Kyles and Moir'. that may be of interest.

The photos are cartes de visite, all taken between 1863 and 1882.  I have added them to the web site.  Please click on the thumbnail images here to see them.

Peter Stubbs  - 4 October 2004

03 October 2004


Like your site enormously.Brings back many memories. I am trying to get some information about the"Tuppeny Tenement". It was bought by the city for 2d.It was in Beaumont Place now demolished and redeveloped I believe. My grandparents lived there in the early 1900,s From the 1830 map it appears to have been among gardens though I remember it as being shabbily tenemented on both sides of the street. Incidentally is it possible to buy copies of the earlier maps? Seems as if Edinburgh is losing its status as a brewing centre(vide Mac Ewans move); there were several breweries in the 50's breweries; I recollect working in at least six as a young Excise Officer. Can't all be subsumed by the new Parliament building and yuppie flats? George Smith: Nanaimo Canada.

Hello George:  It may be worthwhile emailing the Edinburgh Room at Edinburgh Central Library to see if they can answer any questions you have about the "Tuppeny Tenement".  For buying copies of old maps, I can recommend the Map Room of the National Library of Scotland.  A quick search on Google should produce the web sites and email addresses for these two organisations.

You are right about Edinburgh and its breweries.  I have an industrial atlas published around the mid-20th century.  It shows 8 breweries in Edinburgh and describes Edinburgh as probably the second most important brewing centre in Britain, brewing 10% of Britain's beer and two-thirds of Scotland's beer.  In the early 1990s, there were only three breweries still operating in Edinburgh, and soon (early 2005) there will be only one.

Peter Stubbs  - 4 October 2004

05 October 2004


I have been away from my home for 2 years (I was born and raised in Montreal) and seeing these photos brings such warmth to my heart. I set one of the photos as my background wallpaper! Merci!!! - Anuska from the Plateau

05 October 2004


Thanks for posting such a wide ranging and interesting set of photos and maps. I was born in Edinburgh in 1951 and the Picture of Tolcross takes me back!!! I would be interested in photos of the Rubber factorywhich was in Fountainbridge. My grandfather worked there. Wonder if you have any? Thanks again - great site! Rod Poustie email: poustie

Hello Rod:  I have lots of pictures of industry in Edinburgh, but only from 1990 onwards.  I have seen occasional pictures of the North British Rubber Works at Fountainbridge published in books.  Perhaps the Edinburgh Room Edinburgh Central Library or the Edinburgh Evening News might have some photos of it.  The Edinburgh Evening News certainly has a picture of the workers hurrying away from the rubber works at the end of their shift.  They have published this a few times in their newspaper.

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Marsha Olds December 31st 2004
07:23:26 PM
What a wonderful site. I have found information easy to access and very helpful. Thanks for a wonderful, educational site.


Peter Stubbs December 31st 2004
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