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James Good Tunny


given to

 Edinburgh Photographic Society


Tunny also gave lectures to EPS, over a period of almost twenty years on many subjects:

-  1865: "Artificial Ivory and other Printing Surfaces"

-  1866-67: "Exhibition of a series of Views by the Pantoscopic Camera in Wimbledon and Switzerland" 

-  1867:  "Dalmeyer’s new Patent Portrait Lens"

-  1867:  "Some recent Photographic Experiments"

-  1869:  "Early Reminiscences of Photography"

-  1873-74: "Action of Nitrate of Barytes on the Nitrate Bath"

-  1876:  "Carbon Printing" (with demonstration)

-  1880:  "A Practical Demonstration of the Preparation of Emulsion and Emulsion Plates"  

-  1883: "Notes on a Trip to Maine and California".

Printing Demonstration

A demonstration of carbon printing, entitled Demonstration of Pigment Printing, was given by JG Tunny to Edinburgh Photographic Society on 3 May 1876 [reported in BJP: 12 May 1876; p.225]

EPS Membership

One of the new members to join Edinburgh Photographic Society during the 1881-82 session was James Tunny, giving his address as Dalmore Lodge, Trinity, Edinburgh.  Was this James Good Tunny, or was it one of his relations?

It would seem to me to be surprising for James Good Tunny to be a professional photographer in Edinburgh for about thirty years before joining Edinburgh Photographic Society.


James Good Tunny





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A carte de visiet by James Good Tunny  -  1860-1870 ©

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The back of a cabinet print by James Good Tunny  -  13 Maitland Street + 19 Salisbury Place  - Lady wearing a hat ©


Here is a link to a web page that gives details of a book, written and published in 2009 by Julian Bukits, on the life and work of James G Tunny

Cover of a book 'A Study of James G Tunny - 1820-1887'  by Julian Bukits ©