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The photography partnership 'Tunny & Asher' was listed in the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory for one year only  -  1867.

Julian Bukits has been researching James Good Tunny.  He has written an unpublished report on the life and work of James Good Tunny.  This includes some background to the Tunny & Asher'  partnership.

Julian writes:

New Partnership

"At the start of 1867 Tunny entered into a partnership with a young photographer named Alexander Asher who, since 1864, had operated his own photography business from premises at Whitfield Place, Edinburgh.  [Alexander Asher moved to Edinburgh from Fife in 1864.  He had several studios in Edinburgh between 1864 and 1900.]

Whilst both entrepreneurs continued to run their existing businesses as separate entities, this new, joint venture was established at the 'National Photographic Saloon', 102 South Bridge.

According to an advertisement the business-partners had placed in 'The Scotsman' newspaper on 9th January, they had established a first class photographic company to satisfy the increasing public demand for their work."


"Initial prices for Enamel Cartes-de-Visite and the lately fashionable Cabinet Portraits were six shillings per dozen and four shillings per copy respectively."  [The term 'Enamel Cartes de Visite' was used in some adverts of the 1860s.  I'm not sure what photographic process this refers to.]

End of the Partnership

"It would appear that the Tunny-Asher partnership did not work at all well, because, by the middle of July that same year, the business was advertised for sale - with immediate entry."

102 South Bridge

"The sale could not have attracted the proper interest though, for it would appear that Tunny must have bought Asher out.  An advertisement appeared a few years later in 'The Scotsman' newspaper on 22nd February 1870, this time offering the studio for lease, with all applications to be made to Tunny at 93 Princes Street.

A photographer named W S Mackie took up the lease just before the end of 1867 and through into 1868. [He was presumably one of the Mackie Brothers.  The trade directories show photographers, Mackie Brothers at 105 South Bridge in 1867, and GR Mackie at 102 South Bridge in 1868.]

There is no apparent record of any photographers working from 102 South Bridge during 1869-1871. [The studio continued to be listed in Tunny's name in the trade directories from 1869 to 1872.]

The lease for the studio came up again in February 1872. The rent being asked for was 35 per annum."  [George R Lawson appears in the trade directories with his studio at 102 South Bridge from 1874 to 1910]

Julian Bukits (Edinburgh)  February 23, 2007 [+ additional comments from Peter Stubbs]


Carte de Visite

Ron Cosens tells me that he has a carte de visite bearing the name:

Tunney & Asher

National Photographic Gallery, 102 South Bridge.

The first photographer's name here appears to be a misprint.

 'Tunney' should read 'Tunny'. 

 According to the trade directories:

-  Tunny & Asher had a studio there in 1867.

-  Tunny was had a studio there, 1869-72



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Here is a link to a web page that gives details of a book, written and published in 2009 by Julian Bukits, on the life and work of James G Tunny

Cover of a book 'A Study of James G Tunny - 1820-1887'  by Julian Bukits


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