Figgate Pond

about half a mile SW of the centre of Portobello

Looking East
towards Baileyfield Road

Figgate Pond, Portobello  -  September 2009

 Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact                                Photograph taken September 10, 2009


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    Figgate Pond, Portobello - September 2009


Figgate Pond


Figgate Park includes Figgate Pond and a play area for children.  The park is on the western side of Baileyfield Road, to the south of Sir Harry Lauder Road and the East Coast Railway Line.

Figgate Burn (which becomes the Braid Burn further upstream) runs through Figgate Park on its way to the Firth of Forth at Portobello, about half a mile to the NE.

New Broadwalk

A new broadwalk was constructed on the eastern site do the pond in 2009.  A small plaque, dated May 2009, on the broadwalk refers to wetland planting, around the broadwalk, by Water Gems (Alba) Ltd.

The photograph above was taken on one of two visits that i made to Figgate Pond in September 2009.  On my first visit, a heron and a kingfisher were at the pond, but neither was close enough to be photographed.

The View

This view looks to the east from the new broadwalk on the eastern edge of Figgate Pond.

Here are more views of Figgate Pond.


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