Wave Pool


Portobello Open Air Bathing Pool

A Group including (seated front right) John Tocher, designer of the Portobello Wave Pool

Portobello Wave Pool Designer, John Tocher, and others
  Photograph reproduced with acknowledgement to Anneke Dubash, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Portobello Wave Pool Designer

Thank you to Anneke Dubash for allowing me to reproduce this photo.

Anneke wrote

John Tocher

"I have just made contact with a cousin, Mags, who is the grand-daughter of John Tocher who designed the Portobello Wave Pool.

Mags has sent me this photo that includes 'Uncle John'.  He is the handsome fellow seated on the right.

I don't know the date or circumstances of this photo."

Anneke Dubash, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:  July 22, 2010


Can you suggest where and when this photo might have been taken?  If so, please email me.  Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 27, 2010



John Chapman

I was pleased (and surprised) to receive a reply telling me where and when this photo was taken.

John Chapman wrote:

John Tocher

"I am John Tocher's eldest grandchild.  Unfortunately he died in 1945 not long before I was born and I never met him.

Portobello Wave Pool Designer, John Tocher, and others

This photo was taken on board the 'Heronspool' on which he sailed.  I have the dates somewhere in my system but I would think it was c1910-1912.  I know he sailed to the far east and brought back a tea-set amongst other things."

John Tocher

"John joined Brown Brothers at their Rosebank Foundry in Edinburgh where he rose to the position of Works Manager. n He was  also involved in the design and manufacture of the steering gear for the Queen Mary. My mother remembered being taken to the steering gear being tested.

He had a narrow escape when he was replaced as Brown Brothers' representative on board the submarine HMS Thetis which sank during sea trials in Liverpool Bay."

John Chapman:  September 24, 2011


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