Edinburgh's Buildings

Princes Street Looking East

Police on Point Duty

Princes Street Looking East

Looking to the east along Princes Street from in front of the Royal Scottish Academy

  Reproduced by courtesy Lothian Region Transport


Princes Street Looking East

Police on Point Duty

Here is a view looking along Princes Street towards the monuments on Calton Hill, just visible in the background.

  Nelson Monument on Calton Hill - Photograph by Begbie           Engraving from 'Old & New Edinburgh'  -  The National Monument on Calton Hill

The North British Hotel is in the centre of the picture.  Further to the right, partially hidden behind the trees,  is the Scott Monument.

   The Scott Monument and an old car  -  possibly the 1920s

The photograph has been taken from the foot of the Mound, in front of the National Gallery of Scotland (extreme right).

  National Gallery, Princes Street, Edinburgh  -  photo by GW Wilson

The tramlines, poles and overhead wires are still in place, and traffic lights have not yet been installed at this junction, leaving the police (rather casually) to control the traffic.

The photograph has been given a long exposure, resulting in some blur in the pedestrians and traffic on Princes Street.

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