Lothian Postcard Club


8 Mar 2013,  7.30pm

Murrayfield Parish Church (Upper Room)

Ormidale Terrace, Edinburgh

Norman Brett

Presidential Display

World War I Postcards

A display of World War I postcards, including Norman's impressive collection of almost 200 'Official War Cards' published by the Daily Mail during World War I, and many other World War I cards.

Norman now has all except 3 cards from this Daily Mail series.  Some of this series are in colour, others are sepia or 'black + white'.  Several feature King George V visiting the troops on the battlefields.


Lothian Postcard Club


A club that meets in Edinburgh

for those with a hobby of collecting postcards

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Lothian Postcard Club






Fri 8 Mar

"Presidential Display"

Norman Brett

Fri 12 Apr

"Food, Glorious Food"

Stanley Brown

Fri 10 May

"Space, The Final Frontier"

Bob Catto

Fri 14 Jun

"My Top Ten Sheets"


Fri 12 July

"The Director's Cut"

Richard Stenlake

Fri 2 Aug

"Bring & Buy"


Fri 13 Sep


Irene Catto

Fri 11 Oct

"Scottish Local Festivals ..."

Alan McLaren

Fri 8 Nov


"From Aberdeen to Ballater"

Sybil Innes

Fri 13 Dec

"Christmas Social"

Members & Guests




19-20 Apr

ASPS Congress

 Stamp and postcard event, Perth

Tue 10 Sep

Outside Visit

Money Museum - The Mound, Edinburgh

18-19 Oct


Stamp and postcard event, Perth



Visitors are welcome to come to the meetings, and to join the club if they wish to.  Annual subscription is 8.

At most meetings, there will be:

-   a display of postcards passed around the tables.

-   a break for tea and coffee.

-   old postcards for sale at about 20p per card.