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News of events in Edinburgh, and news from around the world was reported in the Caledonian Mercury.  In some cases the news was several months old when it reached Edinburgh.

Some of the readers would be disappointed to see this report received  from Montreal, dated 12 December 1842:


I write by express by Boston to inform you that information has just arrived from Quebec of the loss of the English mail on its way to Halifax.  

The canoe upset on the St Laurence, opposite Port Levi, and the whole of the bags are irrecoverably gone;  there is much ice in the river, which will prevent the possibility of their recovery.

News reached Edinburgh from around the world, sometimes brought by the ships arriving at Leith, sometimes by Overland Mail, often taking several months to reach Edinburgh

Conferences and Public Meetings

The year began with Notices of an anti-Corn Law Conference in Edinburgh, and the Christening of the Prince of Wales in January.

A Public Meeting was held, and concern was expressed in the Press, over proposals by to run trains on the Sabbath when the Edinburgh & Glasgow Railway opened in March.

Wars and Expeditions

The "entire destruction of the British Cabool forces - one European escaped" was reported in April.  

There was a report on 10 March, that the Niger Expedition had been "a total failure".

There were reports for much of the year on the War in Afghanistan - a subject which featured in Gordon's Diorama from July until October. 

Royal Visit

Assassination attempts on the life of Queen Victoria, in London, were reported in June and July.

Queen Victoria arrived at Granton Harbour on 1 September, on a two week visit with Prince Albert to Scotland.  A large engraving of Queen Victoria's arrival at Granton appeared in the Caledonian Mercury on 12 September 1842.

A half-hourly horse-drawn service was provided by the Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway to view the Royal Fleet in the Firth of Forth.


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