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Edinburgh Old Town from Calton Hill

GW Wilson stereo card - Edinburgh Old Town from Calton Hill

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Edinburgh Old Town from Calton Hill

This view looks to the south-west from Calton Hill.

The large buildings in the foreground are:

The Bridewell (left)

Calton Jail (right, with the replica of Cleopatra's Needle behind it.)

The Governor's House, with its towers, is on higher ground between the Bridewell and the Jail (both now demolished).

Edinburgh Castle is on the skyline at the right-hand side of this view, only about a mile away but barely visible through the mist.

Here is a view from the same position, but looking a little further to the right  -  looking to the west towards Princes Street.

GW Wilson stereo card  -  Princes Street from Calton Hill


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