Lothian Postcard Club

A club that meets in Edinburgh

for those with a hobby of collecting postcards

  Copyright: Peter Stubbs  -   please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk

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The club was founded in 1995.  It now meets monthly from March until December, usually on the second Friday of the month.

Members collect postcards on many topics, including:

-  areas where they grew up or where they now live.

-  thematic collections - birds, bridges, transport, comic, ...

-  cards by specific artists and publishers.


Meeting last a couple of hours, and usually involve circulating collections of postcards from one of the members or from a visiting speaker around the 30 to 40 people present.

There is a break for tea and coffee mid way through the evening.  There are usually some old postcards offered for sale at around 20p to 50p each, and details of forthcoming postcard fairs around Scotland are announced.

New members and guests are made very welcome.  Please telephone 0131 468 0037 for further details.

The club has about 60 members, a newsletter about postcard collections and the activities of the club that is circulated several times a year, and an annual subscription of 8.

Syllabus  -  2012



Fri 9 Mar

"Presidential Display"

Norman Brett

Fri 13 Apr

"A Tour of British Lighthouses"

Brian Chilton

Fri 4 May

"James Valentine & Son"

Richard Torrance

Fri 8 Jun

"A Miscellany"

Derek Fisher

Fri 13 July

"Law & Order"

Val Beeken

Fri 3 Aug

"Comedy Night"

James Smith

Fri 14 Sep


Peter Stubbs

Fri 12 Oct

"My Top Ten Sheets"


Fri 9 Nov


"Other Collectables"


Fri 14 Dec

"Christmas Social"

Members & Guests




11-12 May

ASPS Congress

Stamp and postcard event, Perth

 4 Sep

Outside Visit

Tour of Grassmarket, Edinburgh

19-20 Oct


Stamp and postcard event, Perth



Visitors are welcome to come to the meetings, and to join the club if they wish to.  Annual subscription is 8.

At most meetings, there will be:

-   a display of postcards passed around the tables.

-   a break for tea and coffee.

-   old postcards for sale at about 20p per card.


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