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Rev TDK Drummond


In 1862, TDK Drummond exhibited and described a  new portable photographic tent to a meeting of the Photographic Society of Scotland.

During the 1860s, he exhibited photographs in  PSS exhibitions.  He entered 7 landscapes in the 6th PSS Exhibition in 1861.  The British Journal of photography wrote:

"He practises chiefly the malt process - considerable artistic judgment."      [BJP]

TDK Drummond became PSS Vice President, 1864-67.

The Church

I first found reference to TDK Drummond in the Caledonian Mercury newspaper (while I was searching for early photographic studio adverts).

The following advert appeared in the newspaper on 27 October 1842:



 having, this day, resolved to invite him to continue his MINISTRATIONS in EDINBURGH,

as a Clergyman of the Church of England, it is requested that FAMILIES and INDIVIDUALS desirous of supporting this object and of taking Seats in the Church which is about to be formed, will send their names, and state the number of Sittings required as early as convenient to Mr Mylne WS, 35 Charlotte Square

A Subscription List has been opened to meet the necessary expenses.


Letter from TDK Drummond

The same day, 27 October, the Caledonian Mercury printed a letter from TDK Drummond, giving background to the advertisement above.  He wrote:

My Dear Christian Friends

You must now be generally aware of the painful and trying events which I yesterday announced from the pulpit at Trinity Chapel.

The Bishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church  in Edinburgh has considered it right to interpose his authority in order to put down my expository lectures in the room in Clyde Street; and this has led to the resignation of my charge.

... meetings of a description perfectly analogous to my own are common in every diocese in England.

Your affectionate Friend

TDK Drummond,  4 Bruntsfield Place.


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