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CGH Kinnear

CGH Kinnear was an architect, an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy and a Colonel of the Midlothian Volunteer Artillery.  He was the oldest volunteer artilleryman on the active list in Scotland.

He exhibited and described to PSS Meetings in 1858, his "new form of portable camera for portraits and landscapes"

At the Edinburgh Photographic Society's Open Exhibition in 1890, there was exhibited, "CGH Kinnear's original conical bellows camera."

CGH Kinnear died suddenly on 5 November 1894, aged 63,having been working in his own office earlier that day.

At the Edinburgh Photographic Society's Members' Exhibition in 1895, the year after his death, two photograph of CGH Kinnear was exhibited.  CGH Kinnear was then described as "the inventor of the modern form of camera bellows."

[Obituary -  BJP41 (1894) P723]




Dr Gordon J Barclay

Newhaven, Edinburgh

Thank you to Dr Gordon J Barclay who wrote:

Defence of the Firth of Forth

CGH Kinnear

"I and a collaborator, Ron Morris, are writing a history of the defence of the Firth of Forth.

Col Kinnear was a prominent member of the Midlothian Volunteer Artillery from 1859 until his death, and was involved in discussions in 1888 about defence works for the river.

We wonder whether he ever took photographs of his unit. We would be very grateful if you could let us know if his photographic archive is held somewhere accessible."

Dr Gordon J Barclay, Newhaven, Edinburgh:  8 January 2016

Reply to Gordon?

Unfortunately, I am not aware of any archive of photos left by CGH Kinnear.

However, if you know of any, or know anything about CGH Kinnear that you think might be of interest to Gordon and his collaborator, then please email me to let me know.

Then I'll pass on Gordon's email address to you.

      Thank you:

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  21 January 2016


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