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James Valentine

James Valentine

James Valentine

  Reproduced by courtesy of St Andrews University Library

In 1825 John Valentine established the Valentine company, printers and lithographers, in Dundee.

His son, James, was born in 1815.  He learnt the Daguerreotype process in the late 1840s and opened a portrait studio in Dundee in early 1850s, specialising in cartes de visite.  The following decade, the Valentine company entered the photographic publishing business.    [MIT]


James Valentine

EPS Founding Member

James Valentine was one of the seven founding EPS members in 1861.

The other two professional photographers amongst these seven founding members were s Archibald Burns and David Doull.



The following were elected to membership of EPS: 

-  on 2 February 1881:  James Valentine of Edinburgh

-  on 2 Mar 1881:            W D Valentine of Dundee

How were these related to each other or to James Valentine who joined the Society in 1861?


Patty Brown has replied with the following answer:

"W D Valentine is likely William Dobson Valentine, James Valentine's oldest son.

He joined his father's business in 1863 after apprenticing as a landscape photographer with Francis Frith.

Not sure who the other James (of Edinburgh) might be.

James Valentine also had a son named James Morrison Hennay Valentine (b.1846) but I haven't found any record of this James going into the family business.

William Dobson Valentine & George Dobson Valentine took over their father's biz when he died in 1879."

[Many thanks to Patty Brown of Toronto Postcard Club, Canada for supplying the above information.]


James Valentine


1st PSS Exhibition, Dec 1856

James Valentine exhibited:

-  8 collodion portraits

-  a glass positive portrait 

-  a frame of 15 portraits of medical men of Dundee. 

3rd PSS Exhibition, Dec 1858

James Valentine exhibited:

- 12 collodion portraits

EPS Exhibition, 1858

At the 1878 EPS Exhibition James Valentine exhibited

- 6 photographs. 

James Valentine died in 1879.


Dundee Advertiser,  "Death of Mr. James Valentine, Photographer", 20 June 1879.

-  The League Journal, The Late Mr. James Valentine, Dundee, 19 July 1879


Valentine & Son


Valentine & Son exhibited 7 photographs in the 1890 EPS Exhibition, but no Valentine company was listed amongst Edinburgh's  professional photographers until 1901.


James Valentine

Photographs in Collections

St Andrews University has an extensive archive of negatives and photographs by James Valentine.

The Edinburgh Room of Edinburgh Public Library has about 100 photographs of Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland, attributed to:-  Valentine, James Valentine and James Valentine & Sons Ltd.





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