Frank Howie

Ceres, Nr Cupar, Fife, Scotland

Thank you to Frank Howie, Morningside, Edinburgh, who wrote telling me about his grandfather, also named Frank Howie.

Was he, perhaps, related to the Edinburgh photographers named Howie?

Frank wrote:


"My grandfather, Frank Howie, was born in East Fife, I think in Ceres.   He motor-cycled away from Ceres, to build a number of small businesses:

- a photographic business

- small cinema business

-a painting and decorating business.

He was an early entrepreneur and also an inventor. He took out some minor patents, eg 'elastic trouser braces'.

Photographic Business

"Frank's photographic business was in the village of Newmills in West Fife, some 5 miles west of Dunfermline, near the coalfields of High and Low Valleyfield.

Unfortunately, few of his old plates have survived, and his old full-plate camera, which I looked after until recently, was damaged beyond repair in a house-move."

Newmills Kinema

"In the early years of the film industry, probably in the 1930s, Frank established 'Newmills Kinema',  a purpose-built  cinema, in Newmills, Fife.

My father ran and managed Newmills Kinema until around the mid-1970s when he died.  My mother was the 'Ticket Lady'."

Frank Howie, Morningside, Edinburgh:  December 29, 2004 and January 21, 2009