John Howie

John Howie was a photographer at 16 Princes Street, 1875-78.

John Howie


Was John Howie, above,  this the same man as the sculptor, John Howie who was listed in the trade directories from as sculptor, Brandon Street, Home address 2 Huntly Street in 1862, then 26 Cumberland Street 1863,  3 Summer Place 1864, then 14 Brandon Street 1868?



J Howie

Was he John Howie?

I have a carte de visite by J Howie, 47 Whitfield Place.

I have not found any J Howie at this address in the Edinburgh Trade Directories.

 J Howie


When did J Howie have a studio at 47 Whitfield Place?

Was this studio run by John Howie or one of the James Howies or by another Howie whose name began with 'J'.

J Howie


The author of www.cartedevisite.co.uk tell me that they also have a carte de visite  by J Howie, 47 Whitfield Place.  It says: 'Established 1839'.

However, this information does not help me to establish who J Howie was.  Both John Howie and one of the James Howies said 'Established 1839' on their cartes de visite initially.

Later, probably from some time in the 1850s, Howie cartes de visite said:  'Established 1840'.

There is hope that more details might be discovered about J Howie.  My message from the author of www.cartedevisite.co.uk ended:

"Also, according to his cdv, J Howie at 47 Whitfield Place was a mason.

 Masons keep records."



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