Mary Howie

Ann Howie

Julia Howie

45 Princes Street

Mary and James Howie was working from 45 Princes Street in 1860.  Ann and Julia were at this address at the time of the 1861 Census and Ann Howie was working from this address in 1865.


One of the Howie family was in partnership with Thomas J Bonne at 45 Princes Street, 1863-64.  Which Howie is this likely to have been?

Julia Howie

Julia Howie, one of the daughters of James Howie [1792-1858]  married Thomas Jackson Bonne.  T J Bonne's studio addresses were:

1863-64 Howie & Bonne 45 Princes Street
1865 Not known, but Ann Howie was based at ... 45 Princes Street
1866-68 T J Bonne 34 Hanover Street
1869-70 T J Bonne 17 Princes Street
1871-80 T J Bonne 16 Princes Street
1881-82 T J Bonne 1 Grove Street
1884-94 T J Bonne 105 South Bridge
1895-02 Mrs T J Bonne (i.e. formerly Julia Howie) 105 South Bridge

Both Thomas Jackson Bonne and Julia Howie were living at 16 Princes Street, T J Bonne' studio address at the time of the 1871 census.

The Scottish Documents web site gives access to wills up to 1901.  This site has 150 entries under a search for 'photographer', including an entry on 19 December 1901 for a photographer described as:

Julia Bonne (or Howie) d.23 November 1901 at Edinburgh, testate Edinburgh Sheriff Court Inventories.

[Steve van Dulken]


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