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Photographers in Fife

There appear to have been at least two photographers in Fife named Howie.  See below.  Were these related to the Howie photographers in Edinburgh?

Please email me if you can provide any further details.  Thank you.

NOTE:  Fife lies to the north of Edinburgh on the northern side of the Firth of Forth.


J Howie

St Andrews

J Howie was listed in a trade directory as being a photographer in 1871, based at Market Street, St Andrews, Fife.

[D Richard Torrance:  Photographers in Central Scotland to 1914]


Frank Howie

Newmills / Torryburn

Francis (known as Frank) Howie was a photographer in Newmills/ Torryburn, near Dunfermline and also set up in the early 1900s as builder/owner/manager of 'Newmills Kinema'.

He died in the early 1970s and his son, (also Frank) became manager, owner and projectionist etc. for the cinema which finally closed when he died around the early 1980.

[Frank Howie, Morningside, Edinburgh Grandson of photogrpaher, Frank Howie of Newmills / Torryburn, Fife]