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1851 to 1901


The Howie Family



The founder


Animal & Portrait Painter + Photographer



Son of (1)


Miniature Painter + Photographic Artist



Son of (2)





Wife of (1)





Daughter of (1)


Photographic Artist THEN Artist + Photographer



Daughter of (1)


Photographic Artist



Son of (2)


Portrait Painter + Touching Artist + Photographer







William Lamond


1846-1918 **


(EPS 1895 Exhibition)





Photographer (Dundee) 1861-67
Is this the same man as (3) above?

 ** See Reply 1 below.




Bob Aitken

West Craigs, Edinburgh

Thank you to Bob Aitken for telling me a little about William Lamond Howie, one of the members of the Howie family that I previously knew very little about.

Bob wrote:

William Lamond Howie

"My hobby is researching biographical information on members of the Scottish Mountaineering Club. Idly Googling, I came across your mention of William Lamond Howie above.

Lamond Howie  -  he doesn't seem to have used the 'William' much  -   was a member of the SMC, joining the Club in 1892, just three years after it was formed.

He contributed a good number of hill photos to the SMC Journal.

Bob Aitken, West Craigs, Edinburgh:  1 May, 2014

William Lamond Howie

Thank you to Bob Aitken for also sending further brief notes about William Lamont Howie, taken from several sources, including:

Census 1891

-  born Scotland, c.1847

-  wholesale druggist

-  living at Eccles, Lancashire

Birth, Marriage, Death Records

-  died London, Q4, 1918

FRSE Fellows Index

-  Elected FRSE:  May 1, 1899

-  Profession: Pharmaceutical Chemist, Photographer.

-  Pharmacist in London, 1899-1918

-  living at Eccles, Lancashire

-  born 1846,  died Dec 17, 1918

1895 Exhibition

This Members' Exhibition page lists 11 Medals awarded by EPS in their 1895 Members' Exhibition.

These include a Silver Medal awarded to W Lamond Howie in the 'Landscape half-plate and under' class.

Peter Stubbs:  June 9, 2014


1851 Census

45 Princes Street

James Howie - 1791

James Howie: Photographic Artist, Master     Aged  54 ??   Born  Brechin, Forfarshire

Mary Howie:  Wife:   Photographer's wife     Aged 50,   Born Ashford, Kent

Ann Howie:   Daughter,   Photographer's daughter    Aged 25

Julia Howie:  Daughter,   Photographer's daughter    Aged 19


1851 Census

49 Princes Street

James Howie Junior - c1820

James Howie: Miniature Painter, Master    Aged 30,   Born Edinburgh

Wife:  Isabella    Aged 29,   Born Johnston, Renfrewshire

Daughters:  Mary, Scholar    Aged 9,    Born Edinburgh

                       Marjory, Scholar    Aged 6,     Born Edinburgh

Sons:  James,  At home    Aged 4      Born Edinburgh

              Jno ??,  At home    Aged 2      Born Edinburgh


1861 Census

45 Princes Street

Ann Howie:   Head:  Photographic Artist,     Aged 34    Born Haddington

Julia Howie:  Sister:  Photographic Artist,    Aged 28    Born Edinburgh


1871 Census

 60b Princes Street

Widow of James Howie Junior - c1820

Isabella Howie:   Head:   widow, Photographic Proprietor
Born: Johnston, Renfrewshire

James Howie:    Son:   Photographic Artist   unmarried,   Aged 25    Born: Edinburgh

Lindsay Howie:    Son:   Tea Merchant     unmarried,   Aged 15    Born: Edinburgh

Marjory Howie:    Daughter:  Touching Artist   unmarried,   Aged 25  Born: Edinburgh

Elizabeth Bower:  Servant,    Aged 15    Born:  Dalkeith


1881 Census

60b Princes Street

James Howie - 1845-1910

James Howie:   Photographer (aged 34)

Daughter:  Marjory Howie (occupation not given))

Other:  Servant


1891 Census

3 Princes Street

James Howie - 1845-1910

James Howie:   (aged 44)

Wife:  Ellen (aged 24)

Son:  James HW Howie (aged 6)  Scholar

Also resident:  Domestic Servant


1901 Census

James Howie - 1845-1910

James Howie:   Photographer (aged 55)     Widower,  Photographer retired

Son:  Herbert I W Howie (aged 16)  Scholar