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James Howie


(1780 - 1836)

There was an Edinburgh painter named James Howie.

Here is a brief note about him taken from a catalogue of the City of Edinburgh Art Collection:

"HOWIE: James (1780-1836)   b. Skirling, Peeblesshire.  Apprenticed to the Norie family in Edinburgh.  1806 travelled to London, but failing to get royal patronage returned to Edinburgh.  Painted huge panoramas of the Battles of Waterloo and Quatre Bras.  A painter of animal subjects."

I was told several years ago, that there was no connection between James Howie, painter, and James Howie (photographer).  

However in September 05, I received an e-mail from Cynthia Davis, Tampa, Florida, USA.  She told me of one of her paintings by James Howie, and of the following comment from the RSA:

"The painting is of a horse in a box stall. It appears to be an Arabian horse and the quality of the painting is masterful. The RSA indicated in a letter to me that Howie exhibited around a dozen paintings in the RSA annual exhibitions between 1828 and 1834.

They were mostly of horses, dogs and other domestic animals. He was never a member of the academy and therefore his works must have passed the selection committee to be exhibited."

Note:  Do not confuse with the Portrait and Historical Painter, James Howe, who lived at 7 St James Square in 1820 and at George Street, Leith in the 1830s.