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Below are some of the post card portraits that I have seen from Edinburgh studios, together with addresses and brief comments on examples that I have seen.

Some of these portraits have still to be added to the EdinPhoto web site.  If there are any that you would particularly like to see, please e-mail me so that I can add them.

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   Post Card Portraits  -  Charles D Crooke


Published in Edinburgh

List of Photographers/Publishers

Ayton, Alex  42+43 North Bruntsfield Place  [Edinburgh Ladies College Hockey XI]

Bailey  92 + 96 Nicolson Street  [girls,  ladies, group of ladies]

Bambrick  West Maitland Street  [young ladies]

Barrie  120 Princes Street  [young man]

Burlington Studios  Haymarket  [baby]

Balmain, JCH  [theatre scene]

Campbell, Colin  71 Princes Street  [lady + hat, man + cap]

Coltart, James R  [Wedding, family group, football team]

Cooper & Durie  Bo'ness & Edinburgh  [young child]

Crooke, CD Lyceum Studio   [children, military figures]

Crown Studio  [figure, group]

Debenham  West Maitland Street  [young lady]

Durward's Studio  4A Greenside Place  [ group of 3 men]

Elsmere Studio  [family and dog, distinguished gentleman]

Empire Studio  [individuals, including girl in army uniform]

Forrest, W  Brandon Terrace  [young girl in Dutch clothing]

Greenfield  5 Annandale Street  [old couple]

Harper, J Campbell 131-135 Leith Walk  [groups, ladies, babies, soldier]

Harper,& Smellie 131-135 Leith Walk  [Gaiety Theatre pantomime - 1905-06]

Holloway Miller  175 Leith Walk, 47 Promenade  [individuals, couples]

Huber Photo  120 Princes Street  [groups + rustic fence]

Ideal Studio  10A Greenside Place  [basic studio]

Imperial Studios  73 Leith Walk  [country scene backdrop]

Jerome Ltd. 79 Leith Street [individual figures standing]

Kilgour, George  54, Cockburn Street [youth, rural backdrop]]

Langfier, Louis Saul   [youth, young lady, young lady]

Lees  [groups in studio boat with Forth Bridge backdrop]

Los Angeles Portrait Studio  75 Princes Street  [3 men in hats smoking] 

Low, Claude  72 Princes Street  [figures in studio car and studio plane]

Macalpines  various addresses  [military and family group]

Mackay, GR  70 Leith Walk  [young ladies, couples]

McLelland, Robert  20a Promenade  [pony + car with seaside backdrop]

Morrison Studios  137 Leith Street  [many photos - children, groups, rustic backdrop]

Morrison, G   [many family groups and people in uniform]

Morrison, TAA  Scotsman Buildings [ vignette of young lady]

Parisian Photo Co  [individuals and groups, several backdrops]

Parken, EN  22 Dalry Road  [group composed to tell a story]

Paterson, A 31 Great Junction Street  [studio with rustic fence, window, vases of flowers]

Popular Studios  80? Dalry Road  [group on bench in studio]

Roberts, Alec  Piershill Studio  [studio with bench and pillar, backdrop with garden stairs]

Ronaldi's American Studio  [figure vignettes]

Royal Studios  [two young men]

Russell, JR [JRRE] [Clergymen - photos by Pursey, Elliot & Fry, J Moffat, ALSO Fishwives]

Shiels, Drummond  70,72 Lauriston Place  [groups, children, soldier, graduate, etc.]

Sinclair, CW London Road  [group of 7 ladies]

Thomson Brothers  5 West Maitland Street  [individuals, some reading]

Thomson, RK  [lady beside garden wall]

Tron Studios  11 South Bridge  [studio with backdrop of garden + steps]

Yerbury, ER & Son  [soldier] 


Postcards sent TO Edinburgh photographers

List of Photographers/Publishers

Edward, John Donaldson Postcard sent to daughter, Marjory


Published Outside Edinburgh

List of Photographers/Publishers

Goldie  Loanhead, Mid Lothian  [Newhaven Fishwife costume]

Valentine  Dundee  [Newhaven Fishwife costumes, including one JRRE]



Very few of these post cards have been posted.  So in most cases there are no postmarks on the backs to give an indication of when the post cards may have been produced or sold.  

However almost all these photographers have appeared in the  Edinburgh Trade Directories so I have been able to give their dates of operation in the professional photographers' section of this web site.

All the cards above are post-card size photos.  All have the legend POST CARD on the back, except those from Barrie, Burlington Studios, Greenfield and Los Angeles Portrait Studio whose cards do not bear this legend.



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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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