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Exhibition Entries

The 1905 Open Exhibition  was held from 23 February until 9 March in the EPS Premises at 38 Castle Street.  It was opened by by the Right Hon Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

The EPS President said in his opening remarks:

"The Society, which has an approximate membership of 450, has always had in its ranks men who were not unknown in the artistic and scientific world."

There were four classes of photograph in this year's exhibition; two more sections than in recent years, and including a class for lantern slides.  The classes were:


Framed Pictures (any subject) 

Open to All


Framed Pictures (any subject 

Open to Members Only


Framed Pictures (any subject )

Open to Members who have not previously gained a Medal at EPS Exhibition


Lantern Slides in sets of four  

Open to All

Looking at the titles of the award winning entries (below) there seems to have been a particular interest in capturing the mood of  landscape photography.

Exhibition Entertainment

Entertainment was provided during the exhibition.  The tradition of giving lectures of a popular nature on each of the Saturday evenings continued, but this year there were also six evenings when the lantern slides were shown:

Sat 23 Feb

Formal Opening of Exhibition
by the Right Hon Lord Provost of Edinburgh

Sat 23 Feb

"Round Africa  with the British Association"  [illustrated]
Hugh Marshall DSc, FRS

Mon 25 Feb

Exhibition of Lantern Slides

Tues 26 Feb

Exhibition of Lantern Slides

Thu 28 Feb

Exhibition of Lantern Slides

Sat 2 Mar

''Picturesque Japan'' [illustrated with Japanese coloured slides]
J Duncan Millar, Advocate

Sat 2 Mar

Art Union Drawing

Sat 11 Mar

''The Golden Valley' [illustrated]  J Tudor Cundall

Mon 4 Mar

Exhibition of Lantern Slides

Tues 5 Mar

Exhibition of Lantern Slides

Thu 7 Mar

Exhibition of Lantern Slides

Sat 9 Mar

''The Pentlands and the Moorfoots, their Historical Association and Scenic Beauties'' [illustrated]  W Reid


Art Union

The prizes in the Art Union draw amounted to 11  11s  0d.  This was described as very satisfactory in Transactions of the EPS [April 1907, p.110] which listed all the winners.  However, it was less than half the sum raised in each of the previous two years.

J D Brown, Secretary, Art Union Secretary, was thanked for his work in connection with the Draw.

Exhibition Judges

Judges for the exhibition were:

W D Mackay RSA, Edinburgh

R Payton Reid ASRA, Edinburgh

Peter G Terras, Photographer, Markinch, Fife


Section I

Open to All

Gold Medal

Louis J Steele

"The Garden of Allah"


Section II

EPS Members Only


J A Trevelyan Sturrock

"After Asti"

John M Whitehead

"Nightfall on the Moor"

J B Johnston

"Landing Salmon Nets"

H Scott Lauder

"A Portrait"

Honourable Mentions

Ewan Kennedy


A Hamilton Allan

"Figure Study"

W J Croall  FRPS

"The 12th on Birds"

J B Johnston

"After the Day's Work"

Edward L Brown

"Port de Grand, Bruges"

J B Johnston

"Towards the West"


Section III

EPS Members Only

who have not previously gained a Medal

at the Society's Exhibition


Robt. Thompson

"Where Blinks of Sunshine Wander Through"

D M Cuthbertson

"A Gleam of Sunshine"

Miss A Fraser

"Mother's Darling"

Honourable Mentions

Wm Mitchell

"A Country Road, Winter"

G W G Sutherland

"Sunshine in the Woods"

T Lauder Thomson

"Sunset on the River"

Robt. Thomson

"A Wintry Hap"


Section IV

Lantern Slides

in sets of four


R Marshall


Graystone Bird

"The Storms Mock the Mountains"

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