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 Open Exhibition

The 1909 Exhibition opened on 20 February 1909 by the Right Hon. Lord Dunedin.

Two Exhibitions this Session

In earlier sessions, EPS held an annual exhibition with separate sections for Open competition and EPS Members.

In 1908-09, two separate exhibitions were held:

-  November 1908:  Members' Exhibition

-  February 1909:    Open Exhibition

This move was welcomed by The Scotsman, The Glasgow Herald and The Evening News.  The Evening Dispatch also spoke highly of the exhibition        [Transactions of EPS,  March 1909:  p.53]

Exhibition Notice

EPS Open Exhibiton Poster  -  1909

  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh Photographic Society

The medal photographed below is the same style as that in the advert above but, in fact, was awarded in the Lantern Slide Section of the Members' Exhibition seven years later.

Exhibition Medal

EPS Medal  -  1910s and 1920s

  Copyright: For permission to reproduce,
please contact peter.stubbs@edinphoto.org.uk


BJP Report

The British Journal of Photography reported:

"The exhibition is this year an open one, a separate exhibition for members having been held in the Autumn.  By thus dividing their activities into two parts, the Hanging Committee have been enabled to do much greater justice to the works submitted." 
 [BJP 1909, p.169]

The BJP Report gave particular praise to the work of John Moffat:

"In Class A (portrait and figure studies) ...Hon. mention is also made of work by John Moffat ...  Mr Moffat's pictures are both oil prints of great beauty and high technical excellence, one a portrait of Mr John McWhirter R.A. (No 6) and the other "Now Waiting Patient the sweet hour of rest", a charming portrayal of an old lady, absolutely simple and dignified.  It might well have been granted a higher award.

In addition to these two pictures mentioned, Mr Moffat also shows in this class a well composed group, "Her First Lesson". 

In the Landscape section ...  ...   A very striking picture is "The Proclamation" by John Moffat (No 63), a fine and in many ways a great representation of an historic event.  Pictorial representations of such scenes are often dull and dreary in their ugliness, and of no interest to any but those who can recognise themselves or their friends in the crowd, that it is refreshing to find someone who has subordinated such ideas and dwelt rather on the massing of his lights and shadows and the giving of dignity to a great historic event.

There is no niggling or undue care over details, but a real sense of breadth and design.  This is one of a number of oil prints in the exhibition, and emphasizes the fact that in the hands of a good worker it is a process capable of great things."


Exhibition Judges

Judges for the exhibition were:

Campbell Noble RSA

Robert Burns ASRA

Archibald Cochrane


Section I  -  Class A

Portrait & Figure Studies

Open to All


R S Webster


James McKissack

"At the Harbour, Volendam"

John Hepburn

"The Village Smithy"



John Hepburn

"The Village Fiddler"

John Moffat

"Portrait of John McWhirter RA"

John Moffat

"Now Waiting Patient
the Sweet Hour of Rest"

Kenneth F Bishop

"It won't go Wight"

James Hamilton


P Ward-Thompson



Section I  -  Class B

Landscape, Seascape or Other Subjects

Open to All


A Eddington


B Ward-Thompson

"Here Comes a Roller
in the Glen

Honourable Mentions

W C S Fergusson

"The Estuary"

James McKissack

"The Beguinage Gateway"

James McKissack

"The Fisher's Harbour, Ostend"


Section II

Photographs in Colour

No Awards


Section III

Lantern Slides


W A Taylor

Peterborough Cathedral

W A J Hensler


Honourable Mentions

Robert Marshall

The Glories of the Departing Day

Thomas Carlyle

Here, daily, from this breechen cell
The hermit squirrel steals to drink


Medals Awarded to

Andrew Paterson (Inverness)

Andrew Paterson

I see that the recently launched Andrew Paterson Collection web site refers to and illustrates EPS Medals awarded for portraiture to Andrew Paterson in 1909 and 1920.


1.  How can I  reconcile the Medal awarded by EPS  to Andrew Paterson in 1909 and illustrated on the Andrew Paterson Collection web site with the Medals that I have listed above***?

 *** I believe that I took these details from contemporary editions of Transactions of EPS and The British Journal of Photography.)

2.  Was the Inverness photographer and Medal winner, Andrew Paterson related to the EPS Member and Medal winner, J D Paterson, listed above?

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 28, 2013

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